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How To Spot A Bad Day At Pre-School

Your child is one of your most valued treasures. It is indeed a big step when they start schooling. You will be more anxious about how they are behaving and coping up with school than your child. This is normal among parents, especially if the child is your first child. You would want to know all the details about how the day at school went. You would have many questions to ask them. However, there will be times where your child will be reluctant to answer your questions or tell every single detail you need to here. Sometimes they will refuse to even tell you whether they had a good day or a bad day. Therefore, here are some ways you could spot whether your child had a bad day in school.

General behavior

The general behavior of your child will tell you a lot about their day. Even if your child is attending the best nursery in Abu Dhabi, they can have a few dull days. Dull days could be expressed by lack of energy and enthusiasm in your child. They might want to take a nap or will not want to watch their favorite show on the television. A negative or aggressive behavior implies that your child did not have a very good day. You need to identify this properly and act accordingly. A small conversation, maybe a story or a cuddle and a hug would help your child cheer up. You should be able to put a smile on your child’s face if they had a bad day at school.


The appetite of your child too can tell you many important things about your child. If the child is having an unusual appetite, then you need to remember that something might be wrong with them. Even if your child attends one of the great nursery school in the country, there can be days where your child is not happy with the events that took place. Yu can try and have a little conversation with them to get an idea of what they are going through. But you need to make sure that you do not force it on them. Try making their favorite food item or even cooking with their helping hand. These little gestures will help your child about their bad day and move on.

In conclusion, you do not have to force your child to answer all your questions. Even if they had a bad day or not, if you pester them their mood will change. Hence, the best way for you to tackle your child is by potting the above signs when they return home.